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Heavy Duty Poly Tarps

Heavy Duty Poly Tarps

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TUFF Tarp: The Ultimate Protector for All Seasons

Uncompromised Size Integrity
The TUFF Tarp stands true to its size. When you pick a dimension, rest assured you're getting the exact measurement without any missing inches, as is often the case with other brands. This means that your chosen poly tarp will always fit the intended area perfectly, providing optimum coverage every time.

Purity at Its Best
Crafted from 100% virgin polyethylene, our tarps offer unparalleled durability. We steer clear of mixed or recycled materials to bring you a true waterproof tarp that stands strong against wear and tear. Its pure composition ensures resistance against ripping, tearing, and rotting.

Engineered for Durability
Every TUFF Tarp comes reinforced with a 16 x 16 weave count and robust edges, ensuring longevity. Additionally, strategically placed metal grommets every 18 inches allow for easy and secure tie-downs, ensuring your tarp stays put, even in challenging conditions.

Adaptability for Various Uses
The TUFF Tarp isn't just about protection; it's about versatility. Its design caters to a vast array of protective needs. From covering boats and roofs to aiding in camping and DIY projects, it's the go-to solution for any shielding requirements.

Battle the Elements
Designed to thrive in any weather, our tarps are UV resistant, waterproof, and weatherproof. Rain, snow, or the blazing sun, the TUFF Tarp offers reliable protection against diverse climatic adversities, ensuring that your belongings remain shielded at all times.


  • [Get What You Pay For] - TUFF Tarp ensures genuine finished sizes; no shortchanging inches. When you choose a size, that's the exact coverage you get. Dependability meets max value.
  • [Purity Over Recycled] - Made with 100% virgin polyethylene, our poly tarps stand out in durability. No mixing or recycling, just pure strength that resists tearing, ripping, and rotting.
  • [Built for Extreme Durability] - Our blue tarps come with a reinforced 16 x 16 weave count, robust edges, and metal grommets every 18 inches. Designed for secure tie-downs and longevity.
  • [More Than Just Coverage] - Whether it’s boats, roofs, camping, or DIY projects, the TUFF Tarp's versatility shines. Its multipurpose design caters to a plethora of protective needs.
  • [All-Weather Resilience] - Brave the elements with confidence. Our blue tarps are UV resistant, waterproof, and weatherproof, ensuring complete protection against diverse climatic challenges.

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